The importance of money transfer services reviews

Money transfer services are numerous on the market and it can be difficult to know which one to use for a specific transfer. Here is a quick overview of money transfer services reviews with the pros and cons and the most famous services.

Money transfer services reviews

We often hear about the importance of choosing money transfer services by comparing the prices their offer. But one thing is very important too: is this operator easy to use? and does it provide a good service? There is no such thing than the customers’ reviews of a company because customers know everything. A good source to trust is Trustpilot. If you have some doubts about a company you can go on Trustpilot to see all the reviews on this company.


Money transfer services: pros and cons

Here are reviews of the most well-known money transfer services: Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria money transfer and Transferwise.

Western Union is the biggest money transfer service existing on the market. It has more than 50% of the market. Western union is present almost everywhere and it allows to do cash-to-cash transfer because there are agencies in almost every countries. The con is the fees are not so cheap. They began to develop online solutions which are cheaper.

MoneyGram is the second biggest operator. It’s kind of the ame of Western Union: agencies everywhere to do cash-to-cash transfer. Allow to do online transfer but only from the United States.

Ria money transfer is the third biggest operator on the market. It provides good rates for some countries and try to develop online solutions too.

Transferwise is a new money transfer service. They develop the peer-to-peer technology which is revolutionary in the money transfer world. Even if it represents a small part of the market the company began to be famous and it offers good rates.

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