Top 3 most powerful money transfer services

When you are an expat, you can struggle a lot when it comes to money transfer services you can use and conditions you can get. Hidden fees, numerous solutions, very long delay, difficult to use. How to transfer your money easily? You can find below 3 most powerful money transfer services you can use to help you achieve your goal to always get the most of it. They will help you to transfer you money and in same time, save time and money.

XE : the currency exchange rate service

XE currency is a tool specialized in the exchange rate. When you are buying something in a foreign currency you can use Xe Currency to know how much it cost in your own currency.

It’s very useful for daily purchases and money transfers. So with Xe Currency, you can follow your foreign exchange cost without surprises at the end of the month.

Moneytis : all money transfer services in one place

Moneytis is a transparent money transfer service which allows you to find the best way to send money thanks to a real-time comparison of any money transfer services. Thanks to his numerous partners, Moneytis established an average score of each according to the delay of the transfer, the payment methode, the easiness, and a lot of other criterias…

According to the average, it offers the best solution to send your money from one country to another one.

It’s a totally free service for the particular, you just have to give the country from, the country to and the amount you want to send.  With Moneytis, you can find the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to do your money transfer. Don’t be robbed by any service anymore.

At the end of the year, you will be surprised by the money that you saved compared to a bank service.


An exchange rate notification tool

Ok, here it concerns Moneytis again. They develop a tool to get alerted when are the best moments to send money abroad according to the exchange rate. What else? Nothing, actually.

Those 3 money transfer services are the best for you to optimize your money transfers.

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