What it’s like to meet money transfer services in a conference

Hello guys! Last october, I was at the Money20/20 conference, the world’s Largest Payments & Financial Services Innovation Event. Let’s say it: I loved it. It was amazing. I met a lot of people, assisted to a lot of great and interesting talks, and discovered the tomorrow’s major actors of money transfer market.

What is Money20/20?

Money20/20 is the biggest event about financial services innovation in the world. Occurring in Las Vegas during 4 days, you can imagine how crazy it is. An amercican show where the most brilliant people worldwide comes and creates the world of tomorrow.

Some key numbers. Money20/20 is:

  • 11’000+ attendees
  • 1’000+ CEOs
  • 540+ speakers
  • 4’300+ companies
  • From 85 countries (yes, it is completely worldwide)

As in any event, you have talks, booths, events, activities, parties, private parties (the most important ones), and of course a lot of drinks.

The speakers were from big companies like Google, Pinterest, Visa, Square, Paypal, WesterUnion, Firstdata, Stripe but also from important media like Forbes, Techcrunch etc.

The whole tech and finance world, reunited in one place. Amazing. It’s a beautiful mix of people and companies walking there.


Why Money20/20 is cool as hell

You know, I am personally concerned about money transfer market for people living abroad. That’s why for me, it was the good time to meet the money transfer services I use everydays.

So I met them. I went to their booth, but not only. Let’s start with the booths and the talks.

The booths

Startups have money. All the booths were amazing. Beautiful, and some good concepts. Technology is really something crazy.

I met a lot of people from the money transfer services, such as the customer support, technical people, salesmen, etc.

Also, I met some important CEO. As if you meet a politician, you will complain. That’s what I did with some of them, to get a better service for us, users but people.

The parties

The most interesting part is the parties in the night. You know how it goes. People starts to drink and talk.

I can’t tell everything I heard because I respect privacy, especially when this one has been destroyed after 3 shots of vodka; but I can tell you what we are going to see in the next months is AWESOME. Trust me.

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